In Defence of Girlboss

There are two types of people I don’t trust in this world, weather forecasters and critics. The latter proved true as I finished Netflix's newest original Girlboss after having read slating reviews. In a - successful - effort to avoid working on my thesis, I watched all 13 episode of Girlboss in 24 hours and … Continue reading In Defence of Girlboss


CA2 – Semiotic Print Advertisement Analysis

(Figure 1.1 Hunky Dory Advertisement 2010) For the purposes of a semiotic analysis of a print advertisement, I have chosen this Hunky Dory advertisement from 2010 (Fig 1.1). This image, as well as many others in the campaign, faced much criticism for its depiction of women in sport. A second campaign appeared a year later but with … Continue reading CA2 – Semiotic Print Advertisement Analysis

Narratives and Stories

In adverting, every picture tells a story. These stories are encoded in such a way that the receiver can decode it with ease, perhaps even subconsciously. Advertising is reliant on the receivers understanding of the narrative presented in the ad. For example, the following advertisement (Fig 1.1) is for Levi Jeans. (Figure 1.1 Levi Jeans Advertisement) The narrative … Continue reading Narratives and Stories