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A whole new world

Virtual Reality has been a difficult to technology to configure for many years now. Motorcycle helmets in the 90s. Full suits with cables attracted. Gloves, googles, you name it have all reached for the stars and fallen short, but just barely.

Virtual Reality is constantly improving and is being measured by an impossible ruler, IMG_1836science fiction movies. Can we achieve a successful and popular VR system when we constantly compare it to that of fiction.

I have been fortunate enough to try the oculus rift, a vr system in a modern time.
First I played a game, a simple island travel game that allows you to explore your environment in a 360 perspective. At one point, I was launched into the air high above my surroundings and began falling back to the island below. It was at this moment that my stomach lurched in my body. The physical feelings were triggered by this world removing the distance between virtual an physical reality.
I also got to showcase the new Samsung Gear, powered by Oculus (Pictured). Customers reacted to the surrounds of Jurassic Park physically. Many moved out of the way of the virtual dinosaur. Some jumped out of their seats. How VR messes with our perception is astonishing that while we know this is simply a technology over our eyes, we still get lost in the world created by the technology.

The samsung VR headset has released a video demonstrating how the headset can be used as a communications device. That parents could read bedtime stories to their children if they can’t be there physically.

The applications of VR are possible endless. Educationally, we can teach doctors about anatomy. Allow them to practice surgeries. Disabled people can explore the seven wonders of the world from the comfort of their own homes. However we must consider the distance the headset creates between reality and virtual reality.

If our whole world can be experienced in this headset. If our whole world, and beyond can be experience. If a man sees himself a rockstar on stage in an arena, then afterwards can stand on the pyramids in Egypt, why would he take off the VR Headset and return to his mundane, lonely life? Could we build an artificial existence that could potentially destroy our own lives?
To fear this technology may be as backwards thinking as those who feared the creation of the microwave. Its new and we know little about it, but to assume that VR could be good or evil is counterproductive. As humans we develop new technology for the betterment of human existence. So whatever happens next, VR will always be a creation of man, not a dictator of man.


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