Professional Issues in Creative Media

Personal Development Plan


So heres the thing, my life is a series of happy of accidents. And so while I love making plans, I rarely follow through with them. Yet I keep making plans. I strive to move forward in life everyday. But where to next?

One goal I want to achieve at some point in my life is to write a book. Now if you’re anything like me, right now you’re rolling your eyes and sighing in exhaustion. Another person who feels they ‘must’ write a book. I cringe at the thoughts of becoming one of those wasters sitting in a coffee shop with their notebook and laptop. No they are not procrastinating by staring into space, they are conjuring up tales far too complex for a mere mortal like you cannot understand. Spare me!  No, that faith shall not befall me.

Ever since I can remember I created stories. Stories about my favourite characters in tv/movies/books. Stories of a hero that bared a resemblance to myself. Recently I even found stories I wrote as a child. I won’t share them online as the handwriting is as atrocious as the spelling. Also the plot makes no sense. It was Halloween night and a killer was on the loose in my town. But the killer was a ghost? Ghosts can’t stab people 8 year old Kevin! Moving on…

So I am going to write a book. I am determined. But there are obstacles. I’m terrible at writing.

When I get into a zone, I can write page after page without even noticing the time. Everything I have written so far I love rereading and editing. But Its finding the motivation to actually write. I have a terrible habit of just creating worlds with characters, plot lines, conflicts, dialogue…and then watching Netflix. So when I say I am terrible at writing I mean the actual physical act itself.

I think of myself as a writer. I just need to focus on becoming a published writer.

So as part of my personal development plan I will do a SWOT analysis


  1. My quality of writing has been high in the past.
  2. I am an endless well of ideas
  3. I enjoy writing (thats important)


  1. I’m lazy
  2. I always say I will write, but I never do
  3. I don’t read as much as I should
  4. Easily distracted


  1. I’m young, I have time to write without worrying about responsibilities
  2. My college course is creative
  3. Irish writers have a good reputation in the literary community


  1. Not a weekly wage
  2. Hit or miss career
  3. May never be published.

to be continued…


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