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Audio Role

Recently Jordan came to me to discuss his roles in the group. It became apparent that the workload in audio and programming would be too much for one person. We decided it would be best if I took some of the responsibilities in the audio department.
I will work with Jordan and Richie to create the soundtrack for Charlotte.

We contacted Marcos to inform him of this.


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After a meeting with our supervisor, we began planning what would be needed for the WIP presentation next week.
An Overview of the project with an idea of whats to come.

My part of the presentation will be to introduce the project, to tell the story of Charlotte. To introduce the group members and to answer questions by the lecturers.

The group has been meeting and will continue to meet before the WIP to practice how we will deliver the content.

College Work

GE Update

I have been following Averil Powers Campaign for the Dail for the duration of three weeks. Unfortunately she did not receive enough votes in the end.

However her voice was still heard across social media as she requested a recount.


Her twitter feed gave her followers and followers of the GE16 hashtag commentary on the recount.



However the recount was a fruitless endeavour. Loosing by only 44 votes, Power failed to get a seat in the Dail.

She realised a statement on Facebook to thank her supporters.


Although she was not elected, Powers campaign was strong especially on social media. Her twitter feed was constantly update with information about her opinions on various issues. She raised awareness of her campaign and continued to update her supporters.

Over the course of the three weeks, Powers Facebook page gained over 200 likes.  ( 4, 034 likes recorded in my last blog post). Her twitter followers are now at 11,800 which is an estimated bump of 800 followers in three weeks. From these figures, it is evident that her social media campaign mobilised a lot of support.

In the final days her Facebook and Twitter focused on taking action. To use your vote, let your voice be heard and get out to vote. While defeated, it was a very narrow defeat which may be attributed to Powers strong social media presence.