Group Project

Finished Script

After the brainstorming session with the group, I set off to write the script for Charlotte.

The scenes take place in the following order

  • The Day of the Tiles
  • The Meeting of the Estate Generals
  • The Fall of Bastilles
  • The March on Versailles
  • The Fall of King Louis

We wanted to give depth to Charlottes character, to create a well rounded character. However we didn’t want Charlotte to take away from the over arching historical narrative. I gave hints to her character throughout the narrative.

Charlottes narration of the first scene is almost hesitant. She doesn’t have an anger or a desire for change. Its a classic case of ‘wrong place wrong time’. She accidentally spearheads a violent rebellion. This is not done intentionally, she was simply observing.

This continues in scene two. However, scene two is where her narration changes. Now she actively engages with the french people. When she sees how passionately the third estate fights for the voice to be heard, Charlotte seems to be finding her own voice.

Bastilles is a pivotal turning point for Charlotte. This is when she actively pursues an attack and participates. At first she observes, but soon she seems to want to get into the action. The end of this scene is key, as we see Charlotte pick up a sword. A symbol of her desire to fight.

Versailles is where Charlotte is one of the angry mob. It appears that she is 100% part of the revolution. However I didn’t want her character to simply change her ideals in a split second. So there is a point where Charlotte looks at Maire Antoinette and notices her beauty. This hesitance shows that perhaps Charlotte doesn’t want to fight, maybe she just wants a better life, like the woman before her. This leads to her realisation that she has to fight in order to better herself.

The final scene is a collection of historical facts and Charlottes own past. We learn more about her character, and her relationship with her father. This is in contrast to the execution of King Louis, the father of France. A bitter sweet scene that wraps up Charlottes story yet still leaves you thinking that she continues to fight.



The full script can be read here: Script Charlotte


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