Professional Issues in Creative Media

It’s my life…

What do I want in life?

A question I have avoided for many months, even years. I’m currently in a bubble, when I am asked what I am doing with my life ‘College’ suffices as an answer. No further questions, no judgement. ‘College’ is the perfect snooze button for life.

In recent years I have realised that no profession is below me. To look at a bathroom cleaner  or someone in McDonalds and think ‘I can do better’ is a horrible thing to think. These people make their money providing a service you refuse to do. Because of what? Pride? I think, once you are doing something with your life and it is fulfilling and productive, then you’re doing something right.
Ideally I would like to work in public relations. While I am in creative media, the thoughts of working in graphic design or film terrify me. But working in public relations, while still creative, it is more secure. Helping people and their companies build their image appeals to me. Working through a problem and seeing the effects appeals to me. I want to work. Sitting around all day and watching tv is fine for a day off but after that, I get antsy.
So I can see myself being productive.

I’ve always needed a plan. A plan for my day, my week. My life. But lately I have started to realise that no matter how much you plan, nothing ever goes to plan. But thats ok. Sometimes the reality can be a disappointment to your expectations. Sometimes the reality or the change of plan is something better. I planned to go to college in dublin. Live at home and get my degree from DCU. Now I love living away from home and I’m getting a better degree here then the one in DCU. Everything happens for a reason so my hopes for the future may change. All I know is once Im happy doing what I do, my life will be ok.


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