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The Final Pitch

On Friday the 27th November we had our final pitch. A panel of lecturers watched as we sold our idea for Charlotte.

We were prepared. We had spent the week constructing a stronger pitch and felt our idea was clearly communicated. We also sat in project rooms and threw questions at each other. Tough questions and then helped construct answers to these questions.

It was helpful to have everyone on their toes and thinking about the project. It meant that everyone knew every aspect of the project and would be able to answer any questions the lectures may have.

The day of the pitch we had problems with our videos in the powerpoint. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, this problem could not be fixed and we had to make do. We played the videos regardless but the presentation didn’t run as smoothly as I would have liked.

Everyone spoke well. We had all practiced what points we wanted to make and gave wiggle room for they delivery of these points. This was to ensure that the pitch didn’t seem so rigid.

At the end, the lecturers gave constructive criticism. They had concerns about the interactivity of the project and gave suggestions as to where would could improve (I.e. having the user control the story of Charlotte) After the pitch we had a meeting and discussed possible ideas of an interactive narrative. We will further develop these ideas before the Christmas break.


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