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Pitch Presentation 1

Our first practice presentation took place on Friday the 13th November.

As a group, we prepared each slide to present the content. This was just a rough presentation so it wasn’t perfect, but we had a template for our main pitch.

I introduced the idea and the group. Niall took over talking about the storyboard and mood board. Patrick discussed the character style and Jordan talked about audio.

Each aspect of our project was covered, so we were happy with the pitch. We took the feedback from Emma as a way to improve.

She remarked that our delivery was good. She like our storyboards and found our idea to be clear.

Some points of improvement were in regards to more content. She wanted to see more about the interactivity, the site map and the exhibition.

I felt I communicated well and delivered the idea clearly. When Emma asked us questions, we all answered the question equally.

After the pitch, we all stayed behind and had a group meeting. Here we discussed how to improve our presentation for the next stage.


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