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The Final Pitch

On Friday the 27th November we had our final pitch. A panel of lecturers watched as we sold our idea for Charlotte.

We were prepared. We had spent the week constructing a stronger pitch and felt our idea was clearly communicated. We also sat in project rooms and threw questions at each other. Tough questions and then helped construct answers to these questions.

It was helpful to have everyone on their toes and thinking about the project. It meant that everyone knew every aspect of the project and would be able to answer any questions the lectures may have.

The day of the pitch we had problems with our videos in the powerpoint. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, this problem could not be fixed and we had to make do. We played the videos regardless but the presentation didn’t run as smoothly as I would have liked.

Everyone spoke well. We had all practiced what points we wanted to make and gave wiggle room for they delivery of these points. This was to ensure that the pitch didn’t seem so rigid.

At the end, the lecturers gave constructive criticism. They had concerns about the interactivity of the project and gave suggestions as to where would could improve (I.e. having the user control the story of Charlotte) After the pitch we had a meeting and discussed possible ideas of an interactive narrative. We will further develop these ideas before the Christmas break.

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Pitch Presentation 2

A week after our first presentation we had a second practice run.

I felt more confident walking into this pitch. It was a bit more intense as it was just Emma. But I saw that as a positive thing, it prepared us for the panel of lectures having only one lecturer as the audience.

Things we improved on from the first week;

We had a video at the beginning to give an overall sense of the project before we broke down the project.

Our Mood Board was on the side so not to take up a full slide. It was more of a reference point during the pitch.

We also talk more about our exhibition plans, and plans for the futures.


I felt the addition of these points communicated our project clearly. Emma seemed happy and gave us a few notes about talking more about content and technology. We took this feedback and began constructing our final pitch.

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Pitch Presentation 1

Our first practice presentation took place on Friday the 13th November.

As a group, we prepared each slide to present the content. This was just a rough presentation so it wasn’t perfect, but we had a template for our main pitch.

I introduced the idea and the group. Niall took over talking about the storyboard and mood board. Patrick discussed the character style and Jordan talked about audio.

Each aspect of our project was covered, so we were happy with the pitch. We took the feedback from Emma as a way to improve.

She remarked that our delivery was good. She like our storyboards and found our idea to be clear.

Some points of improvement were in regards to more content. She wanted to see more about the interactivity, the site map and the exhibition.

I felt I communicated well and delivered the idea clearly. When Emma asked us questions, we all answered the question equally.

After the pitch, we all stayed behind and had a group meeting. Here we discussed how to improve our presentation for the next stage.

Group Project

Raspberry Pi


This week we worked with The Raspberry Pi.

I had worked with The Raspberry Pi before as we have one at home, so I understood what it what is. Essentially a transparent box with a motherboard inside. A mini computer if you will.

Once we installed the software, we were presented with a functioning computer. On the coded screen, we typed ‘help’ which gave us a list of functions and their purpose.

We played Minecraft and used scratch coding to make a character walk.

It was fun to use alternative technology to explore interactivity. Something portable could be very beneficial to our exhibition later this year. IMG_1754