Group Project

ReacTIVision and Processing

Last week in class we looked into ReacTIVision.

One thing I was afraid of when thinking of ideas for the main project was the technical side. The interactivity seems somewhat science fiction although we use interactive technology everyday.

But seeing how ReacTIVision  functions, it gave me a sense of confidence in creating an interactive project.

Symbols are seen by the camera and translated as actions. For example, in the images below; the symbol below is identified as 174. Now this can be utilised for many different function. Just as in programming where we have if statements. If the mouse is clicked, the shape will appear.  We can use ReacTIVision and processing in the same way.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517

If 174 appears on screen, the text box will appear.

For our group project, we are exploring the possibility of having these symbols on figures, cubes or action figures of historical icons. When the symbols is place on the screen, information will appear.

Similar is our idea to have the symbols be used as navigation. I.e, if you rotate the symbol, a timeline of information moves.

Here are some examples of ReacTIVision in Interactive Installations that I found relative to our ideas for using ReacTIVision in our project.


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