Group Project

Groups Formed

Over the past few weeks, I have gained a new understanding of what is needed to form a group. The key aspect, the idea.

In class we split up into group with similar ideas. This resulted in a discussion of our ideas and ultimately and understanding of who was on the same wavelength.

It quickly became clear that Niall and Patrick had a very similar concept. While myself and Jordan had ideas in the same genre. Soon we realised that our ideas would meld together effortlessly.

However I was hesitant to just say ‘us four should work together’ without first assessing each others skill sets. From the presentations, it was apparent that Patrick and Niall had a keen interest in graphics and animation. Which is a major component of our initial idea. Jordan was interested in working with the programming aspect as well as the Audio. I found my strength in previous groups was project manager. And so with each of bringing something different to the table, we formed our group.

After our first meeting, we are confident that we can take our idea to the next level of production and work well together in achieving a project we can all be proud of.


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