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Field Research

Over the weekend I found two interactive projects that I found interesting.

The Road Safety installation came to DKIT this week. Its purpose was to educate students and lecturers about the importance of road safety.


The game was a completely immersive experience. You have your main screen in front of you, then one screen on either side to act as your side mirrors. The seat itself was a car seat and in front of you are three pedals and a steering wheel. This realism gives the user a more immersive experience, which is something I would like to incorporate into our main project.


The second project was promotional campaign for Special K. There was an App on a tablet. The app required the user to agree to the terms and conditions, using touch screen. Then it explained the rules of the game.


The user could choose any of the tickets before them. Each ticket had a QR code. Similar to ReacTIVision, the camera picks up the data in the QR code. Then a simulation of a slot machine appears on the screen. The prizes roll by until eventually they stop. If you get three in a row, you win the prize.

The only problem is that I was told, that the tickets were essentially an illusion of choice for the user. The app had an algorithm that determined how many prize it would give out on a given day. If I was to win a prize, it wouldn’t give out another prize until another 5 tickets were scanned. Therefore spacing the prizes out evenly throughout the day. This isn’t an exact science as sometimes it would give out three prizes in a row and then no prize for the next twenty tickets.

It was interesting to see installations in everyday life. Both gave me ideas and insight into what direction my group and I could take our project.


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