Assignment Schedule

I created an assignment schedule for our team. It goes in order of the assignments due date and each module has its own colour. This is to help keep on top of our other modules while simultaneously work on group project.


Field Research

Over the weekend I found two interactive projects that I found interesting. The Road Safety installation came to DKIT this week. Its purpose was to educate students and lecturers about the importance of road safety. The game was a completely immersive experience. You have your main screen in front of you, then one screen on … Continue reading Field Research

ReacTIVision and Processing

Last week in class we looked into¬†ReacTIVision. One thing I was afraid of when thinking of ideas for the main project was the technical side. The interactivity seems somewhat science fiction although we use interactive technology everyday. But seeing how ReacTIVision¬† functions, it gave me a sense of confidence in creating an interactive project. Symbols … Continue reading ReacTIVision and Processing