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Assignment Schedule

I created an assignment schedule for our team. It goes in order of the assignments due date and each module has its own colour.

This is to help keep on top of our other modules while simultaneously work on group project.


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Field Research

Over the weekend I found two interactive projects that I found interesting.

The Road Safety installation came to DKIT this week. Its purpose was to educate students and lecturers about the importance of road safety.


The game was a completely immersive experience. You have your main screen in front of you, then one screen on either side to act as your side mirrors. The seat itself was a car seat and in front of you are three pedals and a steering wheel. This realism gives the user a more immersive experience, which is something I would like to incorporate into our main project.


The second project was promotional campaign for Special K. There was an App on a tablet. The app required the user to agree to the terms and conditions, using touch screen. Then it explained the rules of the game.


The user could choose any of the tickets before them. Each ticket had a QR code. Similar to ReacTIVision, the camera picks up the data in the QR code. Then a simulation of a slot machine appears on the screen. The prizes roll by until eventually they stop. If you get three in a row, you win the prize.

The only problem is that I was told, that the tickets were essentially an illusion of choice for the user. The app had an algorithm that determined how many prize it would give out on a given day. If I was to win a prize, it wouldn’t give out another prize until another 5 tickets were scanned. Therefore spacing the prizes out evenly throughout the day. This isn’t an exact science as sometimes it would give out three prizes in a row and then no prize for the next twenty tickets.

It was interesting to see installations in everyday life. Both gave me ideas and insight into what direction my group and I could take our project.

Group Project

ReacTIVision and Processing

Last week in class we looked into ReacTIVision.

One thing I was afraid of when thinking of ideas for the main project was the technical side. The interactivity seems somewhat science fiction although we use interactive technology everyday.

But seeing how ReacTIVision  functions, it gave me a sense of confidence in creating an interactive project.

Symbols are seen by the camera and translated as actions. For example, in the images below; the symbol below is identified as 174. Now this can be utilised for many different function. Just as in programming where we have if statements. If the mouse is clicked, the shape will appear.  We can use ReacTIVision and processing in the same way.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517

If 174 appears on screen, the text box will appear.

For our group project, we are exploring the possibility of having these symbols on figures, cubes or action figures of historical icons. When the symbols is place on the screen, information will appear.

Similar is our idea to have the symbols be used as navigation. I.e, if you rotate the symbol, a timeline of information moves.

Here are some examples of ReacTIVision in Interactive Installations that I found relative to our ideas for using ReacTIVision in our project.

Group Project

Groups Formed

Over the past few weeks, I have gained a new understanding of what is needed to form a group. The key aspect, the idea.

In class we split up into group with similar ideas. This resulted in a discussion of our ideas and ultimately and understanding of who was on the same wavelength.

It quickly became clear that Niall and Patrick had a very similar concept. While myself and Jordan had ideas in the same genre. Soon we realised that our ideas would meld together effortlessly.

However I was hesitant to just say ‘us four should work together’ without first assessing each others skill sets. From the presentations, it was apparent that Patrick and Niall had a keen interest in graphics and animation. Which is a major component of our initial idea. Jordan was interested in working with the programming aspect as well as the Audio. I found my strength in previous groups was project manager. And so with each of bringing something different to the table, we formed our group.

After our first meeting, we are confident that we can take our idea to the next level of production and work well together in achieving a project we can all be proud of.

Group Project

Pecha Kucha

On Friday the 25th, the class stood before each other and presented ourselves. The style of presentation was that of Pecha Kucha, or ‘Chit Chat’. The purpose of theses presentations was to gain an insight into our classmates interests, both professional and personal. This would help us understand who would be compatible to work with in a group.

In preparation for my Pecha Kucha, I wanted to showcase my talents in various creative fields and how my hobbies and interests influenced my work. I was slightly nervous however I was confident in my slides and the points I wanted to make.

I faced one problem when the presentation began. I made my slideshow on a mac computer and when it transferred over to the windows computer, the timer no longer worked. A set back that may have lost me marks. However I continued with the presentation and hope my message was still communicated effectively.


My first slide followed suit with everyone else, A baby photo. I chose this one in particular as it depicts me at a Barney concert with my Barney teddy. I felt it was a nice way to introduce my obsession with fiction and storytelling. It also worked as a nice segue to my second slide.


My second slide shows a picture of me last month standing beside Barney. This was for my job as a Promotor. I talked about how my job involves dealing with people, working in a team and communicating a message.

I began talking about my hobbies.


Walking and listening to music is an important part of my creative process. I can let my mind wonder and create stories and solve problems.

When I watch TV, I analyse the stories, the character development and the themes dealt with.

All my hobbies and interests come together in my writing. I am inspired by tv and music, and I create while walking. My imagination is as essential in my work as any software.

My writing was used in college work when I created The Man With Half a Brain. This script was one of eight chosen from around forty submissions. I was very proud that my work was well received and this gave me the opportunity to be a project manager.

Being the writer and director of the project gave me an insight into both the creative and managerial sides of a media project.


When I was in secondary school I got my first taste of balancing creative and managerial work. I was the project manager for the school yearbook. The previous yearbooks were less then 10 pages long. The yearbook we created was 90 pages.

I worked with a team that all developed ideas into articles and assets to be published.

This gave me an interest in editorial design which I further explored in college. My design skills were honed and developed to communicated a message through layout, color scheme and themes.

This was further developed when it came to logo design. My interest in country music became beneficial in my research and design of Shotgun Records logo.

I finished with an image of me looking out onto the college. I summed up my interests in project management, writing and promotional design. Also pointing out that I look forward to working with a team to create a multimedia project that we can all be proud of.

Overall I felt the presentation went well. I was confident, the class laughed at the anecdotes and I feel my points were well receive