Group Project

Secrets; The Science Galley Exhibition

Looking at the Science Gallery’s ‘Secrets’ website, I was fascinated by many of the exhibits.

The entry to the site was exciting. Having a computer ask questions and then react instantaneously was somewhat unnerving.

After looking at many of the exhibitions I decided my favourite was the Secret Handshake Training Device.

The technology involved seems somewhat science fiction like. An artificial hand that can react to a user. However when broken down, it’s just as unbelievable that this technology hasn’t been created before.

The hand senses the user is holding it. In an attempt to resurrect that old fashioned secret keeping, it does not rely on computers. ‘An purely analogue exchange’

The hand sends vibrations to the users fingers. The user will then respond by making the same sequence with their own hand. This is to simulate a hand shake as if produced by two humans. The machine will access the users responses and will give feedback.

The machine uses muscle memory to identify each user individually. This is done by remembering each persons unique signature. Thus bringing back the unique secret keeping technique of the past.

This device was in my opinion the most interactive. Users share a personal experience with the program that is unique to them. However the downside being is that this is a one time activity. The user cannot interact with the hand a second time and expect a different reaction. Saying that, there is something intriguing about using the device a second or third time to see if the hand does in fact remember you and if it has kept your secret.Untitled 222 Untitled111


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