WIRED Magazine Article

Whilst reading the October 2013 issue of WIRED Magazine I found an interesting article about making Ants Dance. Ollie Palmer studied Zoology and decided to work with a team to choreograph ants movements. The argentinian ant is the most susceptible to control. Their pheromone was the easiest to synthesis,  A pheromone called Z9:16Ald. Now with … Continue reading WIRED Magazine Article


Secrets; The Science Galley Exhibition

Looking at the Science Gallery’s ‘Secrets’ website, I was fascinated by many of the exhibits. The entry to the site was exciting. Having a computer ask questions and then react instantaneously was somewhat unnerving. After looking at many of the exhibitions I decided my favourite was the Secret Handshake Training Device. The technology involved seems … Continue reading Secrets; The Science Galley Exhibition