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The Man with Half a Brain – Script

My mother used to tell me a story,

About a man with half a brain.

He didn’t find it unusual

He thought everyone was the same.

The man lived his life

Just like you or I

He lived free and ignorant

Unaware of his difference


His days filled with joy and laughter

He painted his canvas with smiles

And he sang his song with a full heart

Everything he saw, he touched and felt

Seemed to him…Wonderous

He knew the world was right,

He knew he was right

Enter judgment:

But every month there would be a full moon

It was then the man felt a change

Suddenly for a night

The world no longer felt the same

He soon understood he was strange

His condition, queer

He began to see the world

As it truly was

He lived a life of darkness

The beautiful of the world faded

The blueprints of life was

All that was left


This isn’t a sad story

No not in the slightest.

The Man with half a brain understood the world

better than you or I

He lived most of his days right

Imagining, creating and draining the juices of life

However, he also saw what was left

The logical and bleak side

The hate and judgment of his condition

You see the man soon died

But like I said this is not a sad story

His vision was unique

He lived a life of bliss

But he could see into the shadows

And this is what you missed

A person can live

A person can exist

But to exist isn’t to live

Living is why we exist

That isn’t a bad observation

From a man with half a brain