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Personal Statement

Kevin Carolan, 19, active tea drinker. I’m a city boy, born and raised in Dublin. Recently I left the comfort zone of Raheny Village to embark on a voyage for higher education in Dundalk. Studying Creative Media has opened my eyes to the world of Media. My classes are equally of interest to me. From the in-depth look at media theory to the creative outlet of writing for multimedia.

When I was younger I felt out of place. I didn’t like sports and so I never had much of a hobby. Enter Writing. However, A major flaw stood in my way, laziness.

I have a great interest in TV shows. My love of all types of genres gives me a broad range and insight into different worlds. I can tag along to a crime scene in Bones, gain a thrilling insight into political warfare in Scandal or simply have a laugh with The Big Bang Theory all from the comfort of my couch.

The characters and worlds portrayed on screen are my escape. Also, it fueled my ambition to write. To create worlds of my own, with diverse characters and stories. Shorts stories and fanfiction now fill my free time.

But sometimes I crave an outside view of the world I myself live in, literally. Since the moment I learned to walk I haven’t stop, the exercise and freedom allow my imagination space to create.

To be honest, all anyone really needs to know about me is I love tea.